The Mysterious Mrs. McBethy: A never-heard-before detective tale by Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai


There are some stories that take us down the storage lane to indulge our nostalgia, when there are many suspense accounts that give us an adrenaline rush. Equipped with excitement and horror, this sort of stories get you with a strange trip. Kahaanikar Sudhanshu Rai’s newest detective narrative in Hindi, ‘The Strange Mrs. McBethy’, is a such brief story that would allow you to cuddle up within your quilt as well as shiver featuring its ‘horror story’ really feel.


The protagonist from the tale is Sujay, an designer that is with a business travel to Goa for almost half a year. Goa is believed to be one of the more searched for-after destinations in India and like all others, Sujay was elated that his career gives him the chance to expertise the best of the traveler heaven. Small performed he know upon his coming that his look for a house would steer him to your entire world which was non-existential.

It was actually through the seek out a home that Sujay received in contact with Mrs McBethy, sheer handshake sent chills down his back. But who had been this Mrs McBethy? What relevance did the handshake have? Why did Sujay’s search for a property make him sense far more homeless than before? To learn the responses, you have to pay attention to ‘The Mysterious Mrs McBethy’. The sequel on the tale may also see Detective Boomrah occupy the case and unravel the various secrets that Sujay has been going through since his appearance in the seaside town.

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