Tamil dubbed version of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan to premiere on June 15


Here’s some good news for your fans of Ramanand Sagar’s mythological display ‘Ramayan’. Ramayanam, the Tamil dubbed edition in the iconic display is actually all established to amuse Tamil telly viewers from June 15. The channel airing the present has confirmed the identical on their own established media handles.

Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, which originally premiered in the year 1987 remains considered as one of the most iconic Tv programs. It had been aired on Doordarshan and won one million hearts. Due to the acceptance, Ramayan had a rerun after 33 many years throughout this lockdown break as well as the show re-created its magic yet yet again. The rerun of the present reportedly acquired a viewership of 7.7 Cr throughout the world.

Now, the display is called into other localised different languages like Bengali and Marathi and Telugu, for example.

Ramayanam features Arun Govil (as Shri Rama), Deepika Chikhalia (as Sita/Lakshmi), Sunil Lahri (as Lakshman), Arvind Trivedi (as Ravana / Sage Vishrava), Dara Singh (as Hanuman), Sanjay Run (as Bharat), Sameer Rajda (as Shatrughna), Bal Dhuri (as Dasharatha), Jayshree Gadkar (as Kausalya), Padma Khanna (as Kaikeyi), Rajni Bala (as Sumitra and many more.

Ramayanam will be aired from Monday to Saturday later in the day slot.

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