Shocking new claims made in a lady journalist’s facebook post about the Bois Locker Room controversy!


The complete country was still left surprised if the ‘Bois Locker Room’ conflict allegedly connected with some teenage guys from South Delhi’s professional schools who had been planning to rape some girls with an Instagram exclusive group   created head lines. From your common guy to video actors every person condemned this act as well as the outrage with this is still substantial throughout social media.

This make a difference has recently considered a shocking new convert being a girl journalist called Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj has posted a youtube video on the facebook take care of where she actually is evaluating Haris, the boy who informed the girls whose photos were actually placed and commented on from the Bois Locker Area. There are a few critical statements manufactured in the video she has discussed on the facebook profile.

In their post, she composed “My interview with Haris who was one of the first to think about #BoysLockerRoom unique talks & required the motivation to tell young girls whose pictures were actually shared & commented after . I talk to him regarding the debate, the outdoors of pictures discussed about the personal chitchat, dialogue & aftermaths. Some important acquire aways :

– All of the images shared on Locker Space were open public photos posted from the girls on Instagram. There have been no nudes spread or images morphed with the young men for being distributed widely in press. They were unveiling photos posted on social media marketing which boys distributed within the class & made cheap vulgar responses & employed sexually explicit language.

– The snapchat screenshot in which [email protected] was mentioned had not been from Locker room talks. It had been an older screenshot (validity of which isn’t identified) that you of ladies utilized to claim she was obtaining sexual assault dangers. However even though it was later clarified the group, it got widely circulated as being a conversation performed by guys from your locker space.

– There was no [email protected] reviewed or described in the initially locker place talks.

– Several boys who happen to be now being referred to as rapists or those preparation gangrape had been certainly not active about the group of people. These were included randomly & probably didn’t even know they were a component.

– Young girls Locker Place talks (class existed using a different name) had been authentic, got almost very same terminology employed by ladies while discussing – again public graphics of guys – leaving comments on their own areas of the body & producing sexually explicit responses.

Final but not minimal – The majority of people associated with this are Those under 18. Please exercise rationality before outrage. The guys involved with this should actually be disciplined based on harshness of the offence & not harshness of the outrage as a result of wrong details. It’s Unfounded.

Also – please introspect if these college going youngsters are worthy of so much of our detest when you have such private chats organizations all over the place and when you given anybody up to police immediately or reasoned using them regarding how it is absolutely unacceptable habits.”

The interview can be found on her facebook publish in her profile with the brand ‘Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj’.

So way over 20 individuals the group happen to be questioned with the Delhi Authorities in the matter as well as two are already charged with objectifying and producing vulgar comments on their own woman friends. The way it is jas now attained the Delhi High Court mainly because it involves college young men from some higher information family members as well as to cease them from using their effect to tamper the case a PIL has now been sent in to move the situation to CBI or perhaps an Rest.

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