Sembaruthi written update, Oct 10, 2019: Akhilandeswari assigns a activity to Aishwarya and Mithra


The newest episode of Sembaruthi begins with Purushothaman, Arun and Aishwarya visit psychiatrist Charu so that you can help Akhilandeswari recollect her past. Arun doesn’t want this to occur as Adithya got revealed about his marital life with Parvathy.

He interrupts the treatment, as well as the doctor, postpones the therapy.

Aishwarya upgrades Parvathy that Adithya has visited Akhilandeswari when she was undergoing therapy in the medical center and revealed about his relationship. Though Akhilandeswari is at the subconscious state of mind, she vaguely remembers about the marital life.

Akhilandeswari goes into while Purushothaman, Parvathy and Aishwarya have a discussion. She suspects that Purushothaman is concealing something from her and decides to find it out.

In chat with Vanaja, Nandhini and Mithra imply exposing the tips for Akhilandeswari. Vanaja would like to achieve this at the proper time.

Akhilandeswari telephone calls her child-in-regulations Aishwarya and Mithra and informs regarding the specific puja the next day. Akhilandeswari claims Aishwarya and Mithra should have a dip in the holy pond within the temple and obtain the ‘Sphatik Lingam’.

Akhilandeswari provides that males can’t take part in this. Aishwarya opines that only Parvathy is privileged to have the Sphatik Lingam.

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