Sembaruthi update, November 4: Vanaja asks Akhilandeswari to consult a new psychiatrist


Inside the most recent episode of Sembaruthi, Adithya enquires Parvathy what she would like to speak about Mithra. He asks Parvathy whether she could educate Mithra a lesson. Parvathy expresses her disappointment and tells how she advised Akhilandeswari about Parvathy’s strategy but she received upset at her rather.

Adithya consoles Parvathy. He claims, according to his computations, Akhilandeswari will need to have started getting uncertainties on Mithra. Probably she wants to capture Mithra red-handed.

While Vanaja fulfills Sundaram, he openly asks about her health problem. Vanaja tries to convince him to conspire against Parvathy.

Vanaja recognizes Akhilandeswari within a disturbed state of mind and wants to use her. Vanaja pesters Akhilandeswari repeatedly to find out the strategies. Lastly, Akhilandeswari offers everything. She is using assessment from psychiatrist Charulatha in this regard. Charulatha also seconds her (Akhilandeswari’s) phrases.

Vanaja compels Akhilandeswari to see psychiatrist Keerthana, Charulatha’s friend. Vanaja makes sure that she also comes with Akhilandeswari to the clinic to be able to know the techniques.

Within the medical clinic, when Vanaja interrupts during the conversation, Dr. Keerthana openly asks her to leave. However, Akhilandeswari tries hard but falls flat to recall whether Aditya informed him anything at all. Vanaja provokes her to speak with Aditya.

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