Sarath Kumar : Radikaa is actually a woman superstar


The audio release of Marketplace Raja MBBS has become carried out with significantly fanfare. The actors, Radikaa Sarathkumar, Arav, Kavya Thapar, Nasser, had been in a pleased frame of mind, referring to the movie, in addition to director Saran.

While Radikaa was honoured at this do with the name Nadigavel Selvi, Sarathkumar began off his speech on the jocular declaration, “Whilst Radikaa emerged upon the dais, I really wished to come before her and present palm to demonstrate i am still vibrant and lively. I am sure that Arav could have a bright long term and Simon Master has offered a best audio. I am really honoured to see that Radikaa has been a part of this industry for more than 4 decades. In fact, she is the lady superstar as she offered a huge aspire to numerous actresses that their span as heroine isn’t restricted to five years, but beyond that. I have always noticed that she deserves more honours, which includes Padmashree.”

Actor Nassar mentioned, “I am pleased that Radikaa has received fantastic honours. I actually have always appreciated her being a powerful woman than being an artiste. Simon has given an attractive music. Director Saran is the only filmmaker who remains vibrant and believes refreshing with his suggestions which is so much on par with the contemporary filmmakers. I actually have worked with Arav in handful of films and I experienced that both are different persons. I seriously enjoyed the complete procedure for hearing the script.”

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