Prabhas To Get Roped In For Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayana? To Experience Ravana Opposite Hrithik Roshan’s Ram memory?


There has been a lot of buzz around Nitesh Tiwari’s ambitious venture, Ramayana. Speculations are rife that while Hrithik Roshan plays Ram, Deepika Padukone might be roped in to play Sita. The latest buzz is that the makers are toying with the idea of approaching Prabhas to play Ravana.

A Source Says Prabhas Is On The Makers’ Mind

A source told Pinkvilla, “The makers have given the film a budget of Rs 600 crore which is also the highest ever that has been sanctioned for an Indian film. It will be released across India in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. So they have already bounced the idea off to Prabhas. The team wants the Baahubali star to come on board as Ravana because they feel he will add more personality to the character. He also has the build of Ravana and with Hrithik and Deepika playing Ram and Sita, it will be perfect casting, too. But the deal has not been locked. They have just initiated talks and Prabhas and his team will decide whether they want to do the film or not.”

Are Hrithik And Deepika Confirmed To Be A Part Of The Project?

“We are still at the concept level. We haven’t even thought of the casting,” the source said. If this is indeed the case, this would be the first time that the stars are coming together on the big screen.

Tiwari On Ramayana

“I am consumed by the idea of doing a large-screen version of this epic. The ‘Ramayan’ is a part of almost every Hindu household. I grew up with it as an essential part of my life, and for me making it into a film is an honour I only dreamt of. My prayers have been answered,” Tiwari had earlier said.

He Further Said…

“We are doing it in three sections, as one feature film will be too lengthy. The three feature films will be released after the other with short gaps.”

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