Oththa Seruppu Size 7 film Review: This Parthiban Movie Is A Brave Attempt

Star Cast: Parthiban
Director: Parthiban

Oththa Seruppu Dimensions 7 is definitely the one-man cinema which revolves around a murder secret. Parthiban, the multi-faceted talent of Tamil cinema has composed and instructed the movie, in addition to essayed the sole operating function. Oththa Seruppu Dimension 7 has garnered the attention of cinema fanatics significantly before its discharge, due to its unique theme.

Do the Parthiban film been successful in dwelling as much as the anticipations? Read Oththa Seruppu Size 7 film overview here to find out…


Masilamani (Parthiban) is a murder think who is questioned by way of a few cops in the interrogation area of the police station. At first, the police guys assume that Mani is innocent and try to use him into possessing the criminal activity.

But after a certain stage, Masilamani starts to react hysterically and also the cops have to seek the help of the psychologist. With his support, they unfold Masilamani’s existence, which revolves around his better half Usha (speech by Gayathrie) and 7-year old son Mahesh, and his participation in a few other criminal acts.

Script & Course

Parthiban has scripted and guided Oththa Seruppu Dimension 7, which can be undoubtedly one of many bravest efforts of Tamil cinema in the recent past. Weaving an fascinating murder puzzle around a solo persona is certainly not an easy task, however the writer-director completely succeeds within it with his outstanding script and outstanding directorial expertise.

The writer-director has convincingly represented the rest of the figures within the film, who links using the people just with the voices. The crispy dialogues and excellent voice operating from the incredible number of dubbing artists have assisted in conveying the problem outside of the interrogation area within a practical method. Even most extraordinary circumstances of the movie are handled extremely well, in spite of getting the restriction so of a one-person film.

Oththa Seruppu Size 7 has a few small imperfections like slow start and also the minor inconsistency within the climax portions which is stuffed with twists, which could not go well with frequent viewers. But this Parthiban movie is without a doubt a distinctive practical experience.


Parthiban, the actor-director has shipped an outstanding efficiency since the key character Masilamani. The actor has brilliantly represented the inner hardship of this highly extreme personality, with out groing through the board with his efficiency.

The voice stars in the film, particularly Gayathrie who voiced Masilamani’s wife Usha and also the musicians who offer voices for woman police constable Rosie and Masilamani’s younger boy Mahesh, have truly completed fantastic careers.

Technological Aspects

Resul Pookutty’s extraordinary sound design and style will be the spirit in the film, which starts and ends in a space. The brilliant sound style has truly improved the general watching experience. The tunes by C Sathya, which includes a song sung by Santhosh Narayanan and also the remarkable background report, entirely goes palm-in-palm using the gripping narrative.

Cinematographer Ramji deserves huge applause for your completely unconventional yet extremely fascinating graphics from the movie. The ideal structures and amazing utilization of lights have undoubtedly aided the movie interact with its audiences using its transforming moods.


• Performances of Parthiban and the voice stars

• Script & Direction

• Sound Style & Music

• Cinematography


• Sluggish beginning

• Slightly inconsistent climax


Oththa Seruppu Size 7 is probably the bravest tries of Tamil cinema in the recent past. This Parthiban movie is highly suitable for the people who really like experimental films.

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