‘Maya’ Jennifer Winget Transforms World Upside Down in New Beyhadh 2 Promo


Jennifer Winget’s go back to Television with a next season of Beyhadh is very awaited and the funnel released a whole new promo leading up to its elite. The second outing will spot Jennifer against men prospects–Shivin Narang and Ashish Chowdhry, however the new promotional released through the manufacturers of Beyhadh 2 hints with a a lot more cunning, brutal and fiery Jennifer as Maya, who can transform the entire world upside down for anybody who crosses her the incorrect way.

Within the new discount, Jennifer can be seen hanging upside down using a assistance of strings inside a ware-residence like set up-up. We wide open having a close-up of Jennifer but nonetheless don’t obtain a clue of her ways until she states “Pyaar ki kai misaalein hain par nafrat ki koi nahi” (You might have noticed love tales over aeons. Now it’s time for you to see the history of hatred). The camera monitors back and we see Jennifer’s evil intentions from the distance. And it’s deadly to say the least. Higher contrast cinematography adds to the mood of the discount and followers were remaining thrilled after seeing it.

Sharing the new promotional, Jennifer wrote on Instagram, “You have noticed love tales over aeons. Now it’s time for you to see the tale of hatred, the one that will cross all limits because #MayaAgain is going to be way back in action. #StayTuned #ComingSoon #Beyhadh2 @jenniferwinget1.”

Check out the new Beyhadh 2 promotional showcasing Jennifer as Maya in this article:<


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