Magamuni Motion picture Review: This Arya Starrer Comes With An Amazing Narrative!



Legend Cast: Arya and Indhuja, Mahima Nambiar, Rohini, Kaali Venkat
Director: Santhakumar

A few days in the past, group Magamuni experienced released a sneak look video clip from the motion picture, which was nothing less than a stunner. It offered us a touch as to what Magamuni could be and also the objectives to be bestowed on. Has Magamuni turned out to be a good motion picture? Is our take on Arya’s new movie.


Magamuni’s plot revolves around two people named Magadevan and Muniraj, who are diametrically opposing heroes. Magadevan is actually a hitman whereas Muniraj is a great Samaritan. What will happen when their pathways crisscross? Magamuni requires us through this kind of situations and more.

Screenplay & Direction

A good script will be the backbone of Magamuni in fact it is quite interesting to see how director Santhakumar has etched out a plot, which may have gone down as a familiar one without brilliant composing. Regardless of as being a dark thriller, Magamuni is poetic occasionally and all sorts of due to the dialogues and feelings that this film expects to convey. Each persona continues to be positioned to perfection plus they are inside the movie for sound reasons. Even a number of the discussions that happen between the heroes are out-of-the-box and full of surprises, that makes Magamuni an experience that is certainly refreshing and new.

Santhakumar’s rendering in the script more increases the intensity of the movie. He takes time to put together every important event. For some, this type of pacing might be a problem nevertheless the director justifies such an strategy with the outcomes that he pops up with. Including the way he has staged one of the important twists within the movie is fairly fascinating. It goes well with all the narrative and as a result, it can feel a lot more organic. Concurrently, director Sanathakumar shifts the equipment inside the second fifty percent, where he takes the viewers to get a thriller trip. There are some really stressed times, which are capable of trying to keep viewers on their feet. It is actually only within the latter one half in which he takes those cinematic liberties to use, to an degree.


Magamuni is a delightful alter for Arya as well as the actor does really well by two diverse tasks. He does really well as both Maga and Muni and it would be his portrayal from the former, that will be discussed inside the coming days. Indhuja shows up as Viji and does her part to perfection. On the other hand, Mahima Nambiar is stunning and proves that she is an extremely gifted actress. Jayaprakash, Kaali Venkat, and so on., also enjoy important tasks in the movie.

Other Aspects

Arun Padmanabhan did a marvelous job with all the cinematography. A number of his frames are only beautiful, which convey the mood as well as the sculpt completely. Likewise, Thaman also impresses together with his BGM, which creates the mood in the motion picture completely. The editor too has come up with a great task, specifically since a few of the narrative points may have otherwise come to be complicated.


Performances In The Whole Star Cast

An Excellent Script

The Fabulous Style


Speed May Be A Concern For Many


Magamuni is intensive, innovative and fascinating. Having a strong script backed up by best wrapping and scintillating performances, the movie is unquestionably in this article to remain.


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