Kaappaan Movie Review: Racy & Entertaining Despite Mediocre Writing!


KV Anand’s knack to carve entertainers embellished with interpersonal messages is known to all. There were many reasons to obtain fired up whenever we reached know that Kaappaan is on its way a motion picture that narrates the tale of SPG commandos. With Suriya and Mohanlal within the lead legend cast, it wouldn’t be wrong can be expected a solid motion picture that will remain the test of energy. Has Kaappaan lived up to the objectives? Read through our undertake the movie to have answers concerning this.


Perfect Minister Chandrakanth Verma’s life is at risk with severe threats looming over his mind. Enter Kathir, who may be an SPG Commando, assigned to protect the PM. Will he have the capacity to save the PM’s life? Kaappaan revolves around this and more.

Screenplay & Course

Every movie of KV Anand’s, proves why he is one of the most careful and socially-fully commited filmmakers close to. The minute nuances and detailing in Kaappaan do discuss the considerable research that he has been doing with this movie. Be it the life span of SPG commandos or a number of the core interpersonal issues tackled within the movie he has tried to delve into each issue convincingly.

It really is intriguing to find out how Suriya’s persona has become developed in the first phases in the motion picture which too in a parallel narrative. The chemistry between PM and Kathir even offers been monitored pretty well, which can be important for the narrative. Inside the initially half, the process are intriguing however the romantic keep track of between Suriya And Sayyesha searched entirely away from framework and jaded.

We now have too many characters inside the film over in which the suspense aspect revolves and such a putting has helped in raising fascination. But, some of the heroes have been additional just for the sake of it.

Nonetheless, inside the next 50 % of the motion picture, where film’s narrative requires a well-defined convert after the period, the writer in KV Anand, tries to infuse a whole lot of components, such as a lot of interpersonal issues, that is beyond the scope from the film. Too much of information does spoil the proceedings in the film, which impacts the runtime of the motion picture as such.

Interestingly, KV Anand, the director, overcomes the writing defects, up to an extent. KV Anand manages to strike a balance by infusing those solid measures sequences. He has packaged the film in a racy manner, which doesn’t enable the viewers to consider much and thus skates from the logical concerns. He has also enveloped the twists in store in an exciting manner, despite the fact that one would truly feel that they were pretty predictable on second feelings.


Suriya looksfashionable and advanced, and super comfortable as the direct character, who may be over a objective. This is a multi-layered role, as well as the ever-reliable actor will make a considerable mark. It will always be a reward to view this person in nicely-choreographed action sequences, and Kaappaan has many this kind of sequences. Mohanlal steals the present together with his portrayal as PM Chandrakanth Verma. He will make a enormous impact despite minute expressions. Look out for his performance in the convention series it is actually understated yet impactful. Arya looks suitable within his function, however it was pretty unsatisfactory to view his persona remaining somewhat one half-baked. Very similar is the case of Sayyesha, whoever personality got the range for further but was left underdeveloped in due training course. Boman Irani is strong, but one should say that his lip-sync was pretty disappointing. Samuthirakkani too has come up with a trusted efficiency.

Other Elements

Kaappaan rankings higher represents in terms of specialized elements are concerned. The motion sequences have already been executed to perfection, and also the CG operates inside them searched persuasive. Cinematography is strong and racy in most parts. Tunes set to tune by Harris Jayaraj are typical. Meanwhile, it was astonishing to view the BGM not crossing the median. Editing could have been a lot better, particularly in the 2nd 50 % of the motion picture.


  • Suriya and Mohanlal’s Performances
  • Action Blocks
  • The Racy Narrative By KV Anand


  • Predictable At Elements
  • Bad Creating Inside The 2nd Half


Kaappaan is surely an enjoyable affair, however it is not something which is beyond the predictable outlines. Nevertheless, KV Anand has maintained to really make it a secure bet, regardless of the flaws within the composing.


Star Cast: Suriya Sivakumar, Mohanlal, Sayyeshaa Saigal, Arya, Boman Irani
Director: K.V. Anand

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