Is Imran Khan’s Joblessness The Real Reason For His Battle & Separation With Wife Avantika Malik?


Imran Khan and Avantika Malik’s relationship has hit the rock. Ever since the rumours of those living separately have floated around the business, it was speculated that the real reason for their variations is Imran’s joblessness. A unique record of the entertainment portal reveals that Imran Khan’s joblessness is definitely one of the leading reasons for their everyday spat.

What Went Wrong Between Imran & Avantika?


What Gone Wrong Between Imran & Avantika?

A resource near to the couple revealed upsetting specifics behind their break up and stated, “Imran has not experienced much good fortune as being an actor. Right after Katti Batti failed, delivers began drying up and soon sufficient, he was left with no function.

It’s been four years the actor are at house, performing absolutely nothing. He wanted to turn a director but which has not undertaken condition the way he imagined. He just performed a little quick with Dharma 2. and that’s it.”

Imran Became Very Irritable

Imran Grew to be Very Irritable

Seemingly, the Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na actor grew to be very cranky and began reacting strongly in the smallest of points. Not just that, the origin also said that their cost savings were getting used up and Avantika were required to finally rely on her area of the family members to back up them.

Avantika & Imran’s Home Became A Platform For Arguments
Avantika & Imran’s Residence Became A Platform For Quarrels

Owing to the same reason, Imran & Avantika started quarreling every day as well as their house became a system for inevitable arguments. Avantika, who was previously the most powerful help method of Imran, couldn’t carry it anymore and realised that all these typical tiffs and fights were impacting her daughter, Imara.

Avantika Chose To Move Out

Avantika Decided To Transfer Out

Apparently, Avantika called her loved ones and told them every little thing. Avantika’s loved ones intervened and tried to reconcile Imran & Avantika but unsuccessful miserably.

Right Imran, now and Avantika are not on a single web page. Consequently, the duo has decided to take the time off their marital life and Avantika transferred out with her little girl, Imara.

Imran Khan married Avantika Malik in the year 2011. On June 9, 2014 Imran and Avantika appreciated their initially kid Imara.

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