‘If we hit a rough patch, we’ll reach out to Salman Khan’, shares daily wage workers and junior artiste co-ordinator Rajendra Lekhraj, amidst the industry halt


Salman Khan exists from the hearts and minds of the people of all sectors. If you have one particular go-to particular person in the marketplace who always stretches that extra hand of help and uplifts every person, it will be the superstar- Salman Khan. We certainly have observed ample tales about his generosity and in many cases, this one isn’t unfamiliar with us!

At the same time, once the complete land is combating the outbreak, the most severe-hit in the marketplace would be the production crews because it has caused the shut down of movies, Tv set, and OTT shows until additional discovery. The daily income personnel is the ones that are suffering, cheaply. Several from your business, which includes manufacturing homes already have used protective procedures and stopped work and some, are also in conversation to set up a reduction account for everyday salary staff who definitely are impacted by the shutdown.

Telling us regarding how Salman Khan gets ‘their’ individual at the same time such as this, daily pay employees and junior artiste co-ordinator Rajendra Lekhraj aka Pappu gives, `If we success a difficult patch, I will talk with Salman Khan. He is so gracious in offering assist and is also always interested in us. He recently stalled the shoot of Radhe in Mehboob Studios due to the unfortunate convert of events.”

This is simply not at the first try we have often heard Salman Khan moving any additional distance. His basis, ‘Being Human’ has always been the medium to offering financing to deal with youngsters with a variety of illnesses and delivered relief to numerous.

Undoubtedly, Salman Khan is definitely a demi-lord because of his acceptance but true tales of generosity like these are the specific reasons why he is cherished by one particular and all of.

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