Felt good about creating original songs in the age of remixes: Karan Oberoi


A Music band of Boys’ new demonstration ‘Nain Ladalein’ is loaded with vitality and could make you groove anywhere and almost everywhere. Up to the background music fanatics are enjoying playing the track, Karan Oberoi, vocalist from the band possessed enjoyable saving it. `The encounter with this music was as electrifying as being the pulsating energy of your track,` says Karan

He furthermore reveals, `It was this sort of wonderful experience to touch the chance of the track by using a place like Journey Park your car (where it was a picture). I sensed excellent about the point that we were producing initial music in the age of remixes. Moreover, the interior kid in me experienced a fantastic time going through all of those trips, whilst capturing for your audio-video. I relived the great old days of indie-burst and my childhood years.`


Created and produced by Sherrin Varghese, the song was published around the official Youtube station of your band and has garnered 50k+ landscapes within a week. The song is penned by Manoj Tapadia whereas the rap is performed by Danny Fernandes. The music movie capabilities Sherrin Varghese, Chin2 Bhosle, Karan Oberoi, Danny Fenanded, Paras Tomar, Proneeta Swargiary, Amit Mhatre, Nischal Chaubey.


Organizing light-weight on what’s rendering it so popular among the audience, Karan says, `The tune is an extremely attractive melody having an uptempo surpass that receives people grooving as soon as they pay attention to it. Additionally, it has a catchy catch step like most of our grooving video tutorials. The comment area on YouTube appears to advise that it really has been well accepted with not really a solitary awful comment or trolling and is particularly just grown organically with no media spends.”

Karan is overwhelmed together with the reply and seems happy to be back into the game.

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