Director Viral Shah reveals the ‘club’ he is into during these lockdown days


Effectively, acknowledged director-article writer Popular Shah who recently taken care of the crowd having a superhit Gujarati film happens to be shelling out the amount of time in doing successful things amidst the coronavirus lockdown.

Just recently, we discovered an article displaying Viral Shah engaged in scriptwriting in your own home which he usually would rather do in Goa to maintain assurance.

Now we pick up how the director can also be indulging in house chores like cooking food, carrying out recipes, mopping the floor, and so on.

Discussing the photo of his self-created sandwiches, Popular affirms, `The only membership I am into this time are snacks! Nice and clean. Cook. Eat. Sleep.

The director also makes certain to catchup up with his crew over a video clip conversation daily to go over work where you can entertaining chitchat.

The director happens to be immersing in the achievements of his previous release, Golkeri as being a director and is particularly concentrating on his impending scripts.

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