Bigil Movie Review: The Vijay Starrer Entertains And Inspires!

After observing Bigil’s trailer, it absolutely was quite clear that this movie may vary from your latest outings of Vijay. Additionally, Bigil also offers football as its primary concept and no superstar has done a sports activities-dependent motion picture recently. Consequently, anticipations will almost certainly be higher. Has Bigil fulfilled those hoopla and hype people got? Study our handle Bigil to have the answers.


Bigil Movie Review: The Vijay Starrer Entertains And Inspires!


Michael, child of a don named Michael Rayappan, has to occupy the part from the coach of Tamil Nadu Senior Women’s Basketball crew under particular conditions. He has a difficult time in advance using the footballers doubting his trustworthiness. Will Michael win the goal? What exactly is Michael’s backstory? Bigil works with all of these.

Screenplay & Direction

Bigil’s key theme might be motivated by various sports-centered videos which have come out in Bollywood, particularly Chak De India. But Atlee has put the style in a really interesting and familiar idea with all the much-necessary masala elements. Consequently, what we should get is a total sports-based movie, which also assists its goal as being a mass entertainer, powered with a superstar. With a massive legend like Vijay major from your front, a sporting activities-based movie can fill out those void, which probably a mass motion picture target audience may wish to see in movies of the a category.

Simultaneously, it wouldn’t be completely wrong to say that Bigil’s two halves lay in numerous poles, in terms of the enjoyment element is concerned. Bigil does take their own time to gain access to that groove. Atlee’s writing within the first half goes for a throw, using the motion picture meandering on predictable lines. Even flashback sequences lacked any punch barring the portions conveying the dad-boy emotion. Free composing does impact the initial portions greatly. The passionate sequences could have been pretty regular on paper, but the existence of Vijay and Nayanthara make sure they are watchable.

Bigil finds its soul in the second one half. We get to see an entirely diverse author and director, that is billed as much as communicate exactly what the movie intended to do. Through the bet match that happens inside the 2nd one half, Bigil applies to an entirely different trip, which can be exhilarating, motivating and emotional to the key. Atlee needs to be commended for the way he has dealt with the women empowerment sequences without having to be preachy. The sequences ultimately causing the ‘Singapenney’ track are simply priceless and make up the perfect program for that film ahead. Even size sequences looked fresh, which had been untrue within the initially fifty percent. As an example, the police station sequence was pretty imaginative that kept the audiences guessing despite becoming a routine bulk picture.


Vijay seems as Michael and Rayappan. His portrayal of Rayappan is probably the best in recent years with the actor in him delivering a complete alternation in his physique vocabulary as well as speech modulation. He is also impressive as Michael – the coach. Be aware of his overall performance in the mental occasions, in which he motivates everybody along with his terms. Nayanathara takes on the top girl and her existence can there be throughout the movie. In fact, it is she who mouths many of the most crucial dialogues in the next half. The ‘Singapenney’ gang is simply amazing with each one of them creating a reliable overall performance. While Yogi Babu scores together with his comic figures inside the initially one half, it is actually Vivek who requires within the baton in the latter fifty percent. Kathir does his part pretty well nevertheless it felt like he was underutilised. Jackie Shroff appeared excellent in the role and also the dubbing was also ideal.

Technical Aspects

AR Rahman has set up the songs based on the frame of mind of the motion picture and ‘Singapenney’ is the one that will stay with you after departing theatres. He weaves wonder together with his BGM in the second half, using the notes departing the people motivated. Editor Ruben did an outstanding work within the 2nd one half but he might have offered a lot more attention to the very first fifty percent, which appeared elongated. The cinematography function was excellent.


Bigil could have plenty of déjà vu occasions but nonetheless, Atlee manages to steer the interest in the people in the correct path, especially in the 2nd one half, which lifts the motion picture to another stage. Altogether, the motion picture will leave you inspired and mental.


Star Cast: Vijay, Nayantara, Kathir, Anand Raj, Sai Dheena
Director: Atlee Kumar

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