Bigg Boss Tamil 3 update, Day 98: Kamal Haasan puts Sherin and Tharshan on the spot by questioning about their letter


It’s the 14th weekend break in Bigg Boss Tamil seaon 3 as well as the present is all set for another eviction. Records claim that Tharshan Thiyagarajah is probably to get evicted this weekend.

Variety Kamal took the chance to put Sherin and Tharshan on the spot by mentioning regarding the letter the previous has written. As an element of an activity, Sherin recently wrote a note to an inmate (Tharshan) over a promise that it will not be uncovered for the contestant. However, she tore it into parts fearing that it will likely be revealed. However, Tharshan got to read the letter later.

Speaking about the letter, host Kamal says they (Sherin and Tharshan) might feel that the audience need not know of the content material of the note. He asks them imagine if they already realized it. He then openly asks Tharshan his respond on her letter. This foliage them inside a fix.

Although Kavin has walked from the show with 5 lac rupees funds reward, Sandy is one of the 2nd finalist in the season. Suspense within the contestant to be removed still prevails.

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