Bigg Boss Tamil 3 up-date, Day 96: Season 2 finalist Aishwarya Dutta includes a blast with the housemates


In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 3, Losliya Mariyanesan misses Kavin badly and breaks down. She wants to move away from home. Tharshan Thiyagarajah, Sherin Shringar, Soft sand Master and Mugen Rao quiet her straight down.

They advise her to remember that, Kavin sacrificed his possibility just to make certain that Losliya gets to the finale. Moreover, her moms and dads are eagerly waiting to view her inside the ultimate rounded. She should regard their emotions.

Aishwarya Dutta, the well-liked actress as well as the finalist of Bigg Manager Tamil 2, creates a dashing admittance to the home. She shakes a leg with choreographer Soft sand Grasp, contestants Losliya, Sherin yet others.

Aishwarya includes a great chat with the housemates. She transforms nostalgic going back to Bigg Employer home once more. She also shows just how the truth present has changed her existence.

Aishwarya asks the housemates to narrate their journey in the house. Before departing, she cheers up every person and dances to some peppy amount as well.

Losliya reads the statement of the upcoming task for which thermocol balls are kept in a window box. The housemates are motivated to use boxing safety gloves and choose the thermocol balls. These are asked to take the tennis ball and fill the window container using their brands held at the other end. Tharshan is the winner in this process as he fills his window bowl first.

For any task known as Nanben Da (which means my beloved buddy), the housemates are asked to explain with regards to their favourite contestant with this season. Tharshan gives just how much he misses Cheran. Mugen remembers about Abhirami Venkatachalam and explains how unique she is to him. Sherin informs about her good friends Abhirami and Sakshi Agarwal.

Sandy says, he misses Kavin a lot. If he goes to the finale, he will put Kavin’s medal, which he left in the home. Despite not being existing actually, Kavin is at his cardiovascular system. Soft sand adds, he has numerous queries for Kavin.

Losliya points out about how Abhirami is like a great sister and Cheran is a nice dad to her. Losliya then talks about Kavin and mentions how he stood by her whatever. She also offers that she doesn’t attention what other individuals may think about their connection.

The housemates execute in Kan Kattu Vidhai process. With the blindfold, these are inquired to grab a football, kick it and hit the aim publish. Losliya decides a certain football with all the tag- ‘photo of Bigg Boss’ and kicks the aim efficiently.

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