Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Previous contestants Yashika Anand and Mahat Raghavendra to get in your house


Here’s is great news for Yashika Anand and Mahat Raghavendra’s fans. Both of them are likely to enter Bigg Employer home. These people were the participants of Period 2 of Bigg Manager Tamil.

Inside the promo uploaded from the funnel per the promo online video, Yashika Anand and Mahat Raghavendra are seen creating a dashing entry. All of the housemates are thrilled to meet them.

Mahat Raghavendra informs the housemates, they are preparing to remain inside your home for the next day or two. Soft sand as well as other contestants are elated to know exactly the same. Mahat indicates the housemates to participate in the task and win over the viewers.

According to Yashika, Bigg Employer house in Time of year 3 is superior to the previous season. Yashika and Mahat narrated how the hose has brought them popularity.

Mahat, who is quick-tempered is predicted to generate some problems in the house. Yashika Anand is renowned for her fitness and glamour quotient.

The entry of Mahat and Yashika will certainly include some x-thing to the present.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is within its 14th few days now. Barring Mugen, other housemates, Sherin Shringar, Sandy Learn, Tharshan Losliya, Thiyagarajah and Kavin are experiencing nomination this weekend. Mugen Rao, the winner in the glowing ticket to finale offers immune system from nomination. He has directly came into the finale.

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