Bigg Boss Tamil 3 fame Kasthuri Shankar and Sakshi Agarwal laud the ban on Chinese apps

The Indian Federal government has banned 59 Chinese apps in India. This decision is taken quoting safety issues along with other issues. The list of the delisted apps involves Tik Tok, UC internet browser, WeChat and Hello there, to mention a few.

Within the last couple of weeks, we have seen a direct encounter-off between India and Chinese suppliers from the boundary places.

Tamil Television famous people like Bigg Manager Tamil 3 popularity Kasthuri Shankar and Sakshi Agarwal took for their social media marketing manages and lauded your choice of of the central authorities.

Kasthuri Shankar authored, “From Whatsapp to google etc etc Chinese suppliers has always adopted a policy of censorship & bans. While US & the western side remain 2nd speculating, India has belled the pet cat.

59 Chinese apps blocked & blocked. India biggest niche for the majority of them including incl TikTok, Shein. This can harm (Sic)”

“When I believe that this will likely damage, I am talking about both approaches. Numerous apps incl TikTok, Helo , Shein were all huge spenders inside the indian advertising place. Native indian individuals are also committed even hooked.

And what exactly do we do with our chinese mobile phones?Biggest monetary effect there (Sic)” reads Kasthuri’s other

Sakshi Agarwal made welcome the relocate and published, “Finally tiktok suspended in India!!! #BoycottChineseProduct #BoycottChineseApps approach to take (Sic)”

“Government should publicly declare that Huwaei is definitely not made it possible for to set up the 5G infrastructure in India! Distinct violation of nationwide security


ji Thankyou for taking Chinese App-ocalypse! This really is much essential next phase! India can become self-dependent soon (Sic)”, reads Sakshi’s other

Currently, Kasthuri Shankar is occupied with the Telugu serial Intinti Gruhalakshmi (as Tulasi). In Tamil, she carried out well-liked test demonstrates like Vina Vidai Vettai and Vina Vidai Vettai Juniors. She acquired massive acceptance during her stint in Bigg Employer Tamil season 3.

Sakshi, alternatively, is occupied with film projects now. Soppana Sundari marks as her tv very first. She was a house brand after engagement in Bigg Supervisor Tamil period 3.

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