Bigg Boss Tamil 3, Day 93 update: Guests Yashika Anand and Mahat Raghavendra have a good time with housemates


Within the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 3, the housemates start the cooking food job and Tharshan Thiyagarajah is definitely the cook for the day. They try another method of make a special dish.

Abruptly, Tharshan talks in Sinhalese with Sherin Shringar and it has exciting with her. Sherin, that is not aware of the language, is taken aback. Losliya Mariyanesan helps Sherin by translating the discussion.

Kavin says the announcement from the up coming job Udaithidu Eduthidu. The housemates are asked to burst open the balloons kept in the activity by sitting on it. They are then required to gather the chits bringing up their particular names. Tharshan accumulates the maximum number of chits along with his label and becomes the winner of the process.

Yashika Anand and Mahat Raghavendra, the participants of the period 2, create a dashing entry into the home in the evening. The housemates are pleased to satisfy them.

Yashika opines that Bigg Employer home in Season 3 is preferable to the earlier season. Yashika and Mahat narrate how the fact show has brought them fame. She identifies Sherin as the iron woman of season 3.

Bigg Employer welcomes Yashika Anand and Mahat Raghavendra into the house.

The housemates sings a dance, entertain and track the friends using their lively performances.

The friends share the presents with all the housemates. Losliya is shown the photo of her dad and Kavin also receives a gift idea.

Sherin is motivated to create a notice to her favourite individual. Yashika urges Sherin to secretly reveal the term for whom she has written the notice. Sherin says, it’s for Tharshan.

Kavin says the announcement that, as Tharshan won in the process, Udaithidu Eduthidu (balloon bursting process), he will be the master of the home. Kavin and Losliya Mariyanesan are motivated to perform each of the duties and care for him. Kavin and Sherin are bought to transport Tharshan whenever he desires to move. Sandy Learn is inquired to take care of the statement of the king’s motions.

Bigg Employer asks Mahat and Yashika to handover the notice written by Sherin for the involved individual (Tharshan, since the notice was tackled to him). Sherin tears apart the letter and sets in her own budget to hide it from other individuals.

Yashika and Mahat share their final emails to the housemates and leave the house.

Later on, Tharshan being the ruler provides several hilarious purchases and likes enjoyable banters with all the other housemates.

In between, Tharshan instructs Kavin and Losliya to not talk with each other. They get ashamed since others are talking about their relationship.

Later on, Sherin apologises to Bigg Employer for tearing apart the letter written by her.

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