Ayesha Shroff is all praise and impressed by childhood friend Monika Patel’s work- ‘100 days of Coronatude’


The challenging events of the pandemic have pressed a lot of to utilise this era, output and imaginatively. 1 fantastic case in point is brought to us by Monika Patel, writer and a child years friend of Ayesha Shroff whose essay compilation- ‘100 days of Coronatude’ and Shroff is extremely impressed by her effort.

Ayesha took to her social media marketing deal with and provided the book deal with in the compilation. She authored, `Super happy with my years as a child friend Monika!!! When a writer always a article writer ❤️

Similar to a accurate buddy, Ayesha poured in praises for her close friend and discussed the project together with her followers. Together with the lockdown into position, the essay collection beautifully catches all these days and nights- Handling a Infection, Focusing on a Doctorate, The Brand New Normal, Bye Bye Covid, Corona Classes, Adoring Isolation, Simply because we need to be the Modify, Shifting and Hundred Time. With devoted essays on every single, this imaginative effort is worth a go through and appreciation.

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