All set Or Otherwise Not is a traditional scary comedy. Don’t miss it, states Rashid Irani


READY OR NOTDirection: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler GillettActors: Samara Weaving, Andie MacDowellA spectacularly engaging horror-funny, All set Or Otherwise lends renewed lustre for an increasingly disreputable style. Co-directed with cinematic panache by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the alternately harrowing and amusing tale tops – then some – the overhyped wannabe frightmares which routinely unspool in the multiplexes.Abandoning cheap shock strategies in favour of your assault around the culture of the privileged, the idea of the chiller is easy sufficient: A younger bride-to-be (Samara Weaving) is informed by her batshit crazy in-regulations that she must take part in a regular ritual to be accepted as a member of her wealthy new loved ones.All hell breaks loosened once the unsuspecting youthful woman finds out that what she’s actually involved with is actually a deadly game of survival. Undeterred by the strategy of weapons wielded by the pursuing family members, she challenges, determined to stay alive.The bride-to-be is pursued, within the nuts video game, by family members armed for the teeth. The blood vessels-allowing, it must he explained, is not for your faint-hearted.The gore quotient is ramped up in a series of comically bonkers set up-pieces. The blood-permitting, it has to he explained, is not really for your faint-hearted.Samara Weaving creates a compelling lead. As her unhinged parents-in-legislation, Andie MacDowell and Henry Czerny are standouts also.The procedures culminate inside a sequence of Grand Guignol excess. As for the film’s last dialogue exchange with a policeman who wants to know what the hell just occurred, usually the one-term reaction (no, we’re not revealing it) is made for the age groups.Glory in All set Or Otherwise Not, a minor gem that deserves the position of cult classic

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