Adithya Varma Movie Review: Dhruv Vikram Impresses Big Time In This Perfect Remake!


Multiple factors produced Adithya Varma a motion picture to look forward to. Initially, it is the launchpad of Dhruv Vikram, who looks a promising talent, straightaway. Second of all, it will be the Tamil adaptation of Arjun Reddy, which already acquired a Hindi version in Kabir Singh. Has Adithya Varma and Dhruv Vikram was able to impress the audiences? Study our handle the motion picture to obtain a image regarding this. Plot

The motion picture follows the life span of any young medical doctor named Adithya Varma, who besides having rage-administration issues has had an unforgettable crack-on top of a lady known as Meera.

Script & Course

As the characterisation of the guide protagonist is what makes this tale distinct from the usual romantic tales, it is additionally anything really worth inviting controversies, much like the authentic model did. The Tamil version follows exactly the same course as its predecessors with minute changes in the script, in accordance with the nativity factors.

While the titular character’s personal identity continues to be the exact same, the top woman becomes much more range to execute. In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Meera turns out to be a well-etched persona. In Adithya Varma, there are factors behind Meera to be demonstrated as submissive. It isn’t only a one-sided love story initially as Meera also reciprocates her appreciation for Adithya on multiple occasions. Hence, the chemistry involving the direct heroes is brought out properly in Adithya Varma.

Nevertheless, given that Tamil cinema is recognized for intimate sequences which have been performed nicely, those in Adithya Varma may well not appearance fresh or hidden. Nevertheless, director Gireesaaya attacks tough with his take on the intense sequences. Concurrently, Adithya Varma’s undertake friendship, the father-boy partnership, siblings’ relationship are rejuvenating.


Dhruv Vikram gets a very demanding role to try out within his first appearance and it needs to be claimed that he fingernails it together with his performance. He is simply beautiful because the youthful Adithya Varma, who may have a tough frame of mind. Similarly, the debutant also places up a matured performance as being a medical doctor, who discovers it hard to come to terms along with his split-up. Banita Sandhu is actually a revelation and aces with her overall performance. The chemistry in between the guide set is outstanding, which again enhances the film’s positives. Priya Anand, Leela Samson, and so on., have likewise carried out their parts pretty well.

Other Elements

Ravi Varman’s cinematography warrants applauds and then he has because of the correct strengthen for the two different phases from the protagonist’s lifestyle. Music are reasonable however the BGM appears pretty strong. Enhancing appears excellent but still, a check up on the film’s runtime could have proved helpful to the movie’s advantage.


Adithya Varma has got the ability to impress everyone, specifically ones who haven’t seen the first. At the same time, it is additionally a genuine remake, which includes everything in it to fulfill the enthusiasts from the authentic.


Star Cast: Dhruv Vikram, Banita Sandhu, Priya Anand, Anbu Thasan, Bagavathi Perumal
Director: Gireesaaya

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