47 Meters Straight down: Uncaged is more foolish than scary, says Rashid Irani


47 M Straight down: UNCAGEDDirection: Johannes RobertsActors: Corinne Foxx, Sistine StalloneRating: 1 / 5Evidently looking to emulate the box office bonanza from the 2017 initial, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged strives once more to tap into our frequent anxiety about a watery serious, especially the potential of winding up as supper for, you guessed it, sharks.Disappointingly the end result is much more goofy than frightening. Biting off a lot more than he could chew, returning director Johannes Roberts straight away offers us to four skimpily clad young women. Prior to one can say Jaws, the nubile quartet packages to investigate a submerged labyrinth of Mayan caves. A technological glitch unleashes albino sharks (the computer-created carnivores appearance as plasticine as individuals in Spielberg’s 1975 classic) intent on building a meal of the hapless teens. Murky results and bloody mayhem ensue.Not one of the actresses, which includes Corinne Foxx (little girl of Jamie) and Sistine Stallone (likewise of Sylvester) makes an impact. In addition to its contempt for reason and coherence, there’s practically nothing even remotely initial regarding the script.In the end the Z-level aqua-thriller kitchen sinks with no track.

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